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Are you unable to remember the name or the author of a book that lingers in your memory from your childhood?
Let Aunt Book help!  Tell her what you remember about the book, and perhaps she can identify it. 
If she can't, perhaps one of her Dear Nieces or Dear Nephews (as she likes to think of the visitors to this site) can. 
Please note that Aunt Book identifies children's books. 


Aunt Book requests that those who submit queries please reply when she sends suggestions of possible titles.   It is very frustrating for her when she cannot place queries on the correct page of her website.

As Aunt Book seems perpetually behind in her posting, allow her to explain that, generally, if she is able to identify a book or at least has a suggestion of what it might be, she will reply to your e-mail fairly quickly.  If, however, she has no idea at all, she generally spends some time searching and then adds the query to the file of those that need to be posted.  Aye, there's the rub, because of the aforementioned perpetually behindness.  She does apologize.

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Aunt Book scorns to use huge, unnecessary files, and therefore this site will be almost entirely text, with the occasional option to display a picture of a book.  She hopes that you will appreciate the swiftness with which it loads, and urges others to follow her example.  Those who have slow Internet connections are people, too.